About Us

Hello Guys,

This is Techknollogy we launch our website on 25/09/2018.

Our main aim of launching website is to educate the students which are in the IT stream and also for them who are in IT field / Department.

As per my experience most of the student face lack of education while they are studying in Coaching classes, Colleges or Institutes because of non availability of faculty or may be poor guidance through faculty.

I started this website because to give the depth knowledge of IT for students  who are willing to educate in IT stream.

So guys in this website you get knowledge about :

1) Hardware
2) Networking
5) Cyber Security

By this manner you can get the knowledge about the concepts.

So in Techknollogy we start clearing your concepts by starting hardware syllabus and end up with the advance courses.

So If you have and doubt are issue regarding the website you may contact us on techknollogy@gmail.com