How To Use Mobile Camera As a Web Cam For PC \ Laptop

Nowadays most of the official work is conducting from remote places i.e. it could be home, any travel spot and from different location office branches. So at that the webcam acting the main role in video calling, 

So now the question comes if you don't have a webcam or the webcam is not working on the laptop or if you have a system in a remote place but you don't have a webcam so here the trouble increases of yours. 

So in this blog we going to how you can do a webcam by using smartphone/cell phone. There are many ways you can get on the internet by using USB data cable or by using the wireless method.

We are going to see the latest method that is a wireless method. But most important point while using the wireless method your network should be in the same network. To do this you need to follow some steps on your computer/laptop and also on your mobile, so let's see now the following steps:-

1. First of all, you need to download the software in your system and then on your mobile, links are given below:-

The software / Application name is Droidcam

For PC/ Computer / Laptop :-
For Android / Smartphone :-

2. After installing open it, you will see the dashboard as mentioned below
                         COMPUTER                                               MOBILE


3. Now put the WIFI IP & Port (Mobile) in Device IP & Port (Computer) as you get to see below

                   COMPUTER                                                          MOBILE

As you can see above fill the details as shown in the above pic and then click on start

4. Congrats now you are connected to mobile camera

                                  COMPUTER                                                   MOBILE


These above are the following steps you need to follow while connecting mobile camera as a web camera