Free Video Editing Software 2020 For Youtubers | No Watermarks | Lightworks For PC


Finding the best video editing is the core part of the entrepreneurs, Youtubers, Filmmakers and etc.

Creative video content can help them to increase their audience and to gain goodwill from it.

So, this blog I specially made because day by day there is a tremendous rise in watching a video by the audience rather than viewing a post on Facebook or Twitter. As the demand for video increases the video content also increase.

But video creator knows the struggle they facing while they startup because they can get free software at that time, also they make videos on the free trial version of editing app by that the app import watermark on the video content indirectly it spoils the brand of the video.

I specially bought software for beginner and also the expertise to make their quality video and also that to free.

There are some steps and with that, I will tell some specifications about the video editing software.

So, let's follow some steps:-

1. First of all, you need to download an Openshot Video Editing Software. Below you can see the website you can directly go through this link :-   Click Here To Download

2. After downloading install it, the steps are very simple to accept the agreement, select the location where you want to install in the PC and do the next and finish.

3. After installing you will receive an icon on the desktop by that you can open it. Otherwise, you can also open it by searching name on the start button then after opening the software you will get to see the interface as shown below : -

4. Congrats, now you can able to edit the video as per your needs,  export without any restriction and also with no watermark.

With that , there are some premium specifications I would like to note it such as follows:-

a) Fade in, Fade Out

b) Animation ( Start of a clip, End of the clip , Entire clip {Zoom, Edge to centre,etc} any many other)

c) Layout ( 1/4 size to centre, Top right , Top left , etc)

d) Time (Normal, fast, slow , Freeze, etc)

e) Volume ( Low & High :  10% , 20% ,30% to 100%)

f) Separate Audio ( Single clip, Multiple clips)

g) Slice i.e cut ( Forth both, left, right side )

h) Display ( Show waveform or Show Thumbnail)

i) Remove Clip

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