How to check the hardware components connected to your system


As there are may best ways to check  the hardware components connected to your system but few of them are best ways to find the results such as follows:-


It is the best and simple way to check the hardware components present in the computer. It helps to show details such as:-

  1. OS name,version, OS manufacturer.
  2. System Manufacturer, Model, type, System SKU,Processor,etc.
  3. Bios mode, manufacturer, etc.
  4. Boot device , Time zone.
  5. RAM and its space.
  6. Hardware resources : Conflicts/ sharing, DMA,Forced hardware ,I/O,IRQ's,Memory.
  7. Components: Multimedia , CD-ROM , Sound devices, Display , Infared, Input , Modem, Networks, Port , Storage, Printing , problem devices, USB.
  8. Software Environment : System drivers, Environment variables, print jobs, network connections, running taks , running modules, services, program groups, startup programs, OLE registration,Windows error reporting.
2) Performance

To get the performance page you need to go in  Task Manager  (by Right clicking to taskbar > then click on tak manager > Performance) here you will get to know following points:-

  1. CPU name , utilization, speed, cores, etc
  2. Memory type, size, usage, slots , speed, etc.
  3. Hard Disk name , size, capacity, etc.
  4. At last Ethernet controller and IP address.
3) CPU -Z


This is an third party software it does not involve in windows, you have to download and install it to view the hardware components in the computer. But its a very useful software it covers the components that consists in system such as follows : 

  1. CPU features and its clock speed
  2. Caches
  3. Mainboard (Motherboard specifications and Bios version)
  4. Memory (RAM type , sixe and timings)
  5. SPD (Memory slot section and timings table)
  6. Graphics
These are the some methods that we can see above to know the hardware components that are connected to the system.