What is Mouse | Function | Types | Benefits

A mouse is basically a handy device that helps to operate the system without using the mouse or any other devices. Put the palm of hand over the mouse and move as per the requirement you will see on display the cursor is moving as per wants. By that you can select icon or move the folders and many more activities.

There are two buttons on the mouse i.e. 

1) Left stands for primary 

2)  Right stands for secondary

1) Primary Button: Primary button is used for most of the time to select the icon , folder or to do any other activities on PC. The primary button is acting a main role rather then secondary one.

2) Secondary Button : Secondary button is rarely used and it used for task like copying, moving icons or folders from one place to another and other than that it provide options which generally shows as you can see in the below image.

With that a small wheel comes in middle of two buttons i.e. mostly used to scroll the page and o open any link from the web page.

With that there are differentiate between the mouse

1) Wired Mouse

2) Wireless Mouse

1) Wired Mouse : It is common mouse that we see the mouse having a long wire with the USB point we have to attached in PC then it get working.

2) Wireless Mouse : Wireless mouse is not physically connected to the computer. They use infrared and radio waves to communicate with the computer.This can happen by only connecting the mouse usb adapter to PC. After that the mouse is ready to use.