10 Guaranteed Steps To Reset Forget Password in Windows 7 Without Pendrive and CD | Recover Password


Hi Friends today we are going to learn about how to reset or crack the password of windows user login id if you forget the password, So let's get started with the following some points below:

1. The first step you need to start your system then you get to see the Windows welcome logo as shown below in the image, so as it displays switch off the power button to get the option of "launch Startup Repair"


2. After restarting the system again you will get to see the "Launch Startup Repair" click 'Enter' on it


3. Next, the system gets into a 'Repair Mode' it will take some time to load the next option that we want


4. After loading gets completed a pop-up comes (Do you want to "Restore" or "Cancel"), so you need to click on "Cancel" because we are not resorting our system basically we are cracking the password so after we cancel a next pop-up come there the magic starts as we see in next step.


5. After cancelling you will get to see the pop-up that "Startup repair cannot repair this system automatically" as you can see in below mention image, after appearing this option you will get to see the small downward arrow click on that, then scroll down and click on the last link to enter into the notepad as you can see in the image shown below




6. After entering into it click on the "file" and then click on "open" as you click you will get to see the dashboard of the file explorer in that select "File of Type - All Files" 



7. Then go into the primary disk where actually windows OS is located as you enter in the primary disk follow thw path { C: or D: Windows > System 32 } in the system 32 you will get the application of "Sethc" rename it as "Sethc.1 " whichever name you like


8. Now the main step search cmd in system 32 folder after you get it copy that folder and paste in that folder only and then rename it has a "Sethc"

9. After renaming close all the window and again restart the system, after restarting click on the icon that we see on the left side corner i.e. we called it has a "Sethc".



10. After clicking on it it will display a CMD window to reset the password you need to follow some steps as you can see below:


a. Type 'net user' and click enter, after entering you will get to see the name of the user.

b. Then the main part comes

Type "net user   (user name)   Password"
 Eg:   "net user   "Suprabhat"  Hello@123"


Click "Enter" you will get to see the password change successfully.

These are the following steps you need to follow while resetting or cracking the password.