History Of Computer | Generation | Inventions


The history of the computer starts around 2400 BC  the Abacus was invented in Babylonia. you can see here in below image a wooden rack holding two horizontal wires beads on them. It comes in various sizes and parts. This device is used for arithmetic tasks. It is also known as the ancient computer. The abacus is now also famous in many parts of the world most children use this for basic calculations. 


Blaise Pascal 

In the year 1962, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal has developed a 'Wheel calculator' in his age of 18 years. Then this machine was famous for his name known as Pascaline. It was specially developed for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division purpose. 


Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage is also known as "Father of the computer". They invented a machine called 'Difference Engine' in the year 1821. Then later they decided to modify the machine that should perform all mathematical tasks and finally they succeed in the year 1856. Then the machine is called an "Analytical Engine"  


Now we had seen the history of mechanical computers, now let's take a look out of an electronic computer that is made the foundation of today's computer.


The first Electronic computer was known as (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator). It was invented by the two American scientists known as "John W. Mauchly" and "John Presper Eckert". ENIAC was very huge in size it has 80 feet long height and 30 tons of weight. It is invented in the year 1946. The machine consumes lots of electricity and to perform calculations we have to manually sets the wiring to perform next different calculation. But it has vast calculation power it performs 5000 additions and 360 multiplication in just a second. In early years it was used by the American government to keeps transaction of there Military Equipment.


IBM (PC's) 

The IBMS has decided to provide the computer to common people in the year 1970s. Then they start providing the PC to the computer in the year 1981 for personal usage. Then we can see now, it has become the most popular type of computer.