What is RAM | Different types of RAM slots | DIMM | SO DIM | Micro DIMM | Memory Module

RAM (Random Access Memory)


RAM stands for (Random Access Memory) is the internal memory of the computer it helps to store the data, a program running on and also the program result. It is like an write/read memory which stores the data until your PC/laptop is on. As you switch off your system all the data stored in the RAM is erased.

As the years go on we see the changes in the generation of RAM (Random Access Memory). We have different types of  RAM slots in the motherboard. Also, there are many different kinds of memory connections and different kinds of memory types.

Memory is one of the most important components on the motherboard when you are using any software or you are browsing on the internet all of that information is stored and executed in the memory of the system.

So there is a lot of communication between CPU  and memory, so the speed is very much important when it comes to memory. Every motherboard is different as it memory that uses there are different speed and technology in the memory. So whenever you are buying RAM check the motherboard specification so that your purchased  RAM can fix on the motherboard.

1. DIMM 


This is one of the common memory you find the system is DIMM. It stands for "Dual Inline Memory Module".  

It is a single module plugged into the system. This memory is inline.  is one single long chip no separate chip added.

The electrical contact on both the side is different so that's why we called it a "Dual Memory Inline Module".

It has  64-Bit memory Width. If we see the memory bus of the system that is the size of the communication path be used between the CPU and the memory. 

There are many different types of DIMM RAM such as 
  1. DDR SDRAM - 184 Pins
  2. DDR 2 & DDR 3 - 240Pins



If you are using a laptop so you need a SO-DIMM.  When we see the mobile devices it required smaller RAM, so we had to use SO-DIMM then we collapsed into a small line Dual Inline Memory Module. 

This RAM are specially small because they are specially made for smaller devices. 

These have some types :
  1. DDR and DDR2 SD-RAM: 200 Pins
  2. DDR 3 SD - RAM - 204 pins.
They are  68mm x 32 mm in size.

The notches in the RAM are different as the types of RAM changes. 


Now even smaller than the  SO-DIMM RAM is MICRO-DIMM RAM. This is specially made for the even smaller mobile device. SO-DIMM RAM is MICRO-DIMM RAM is even little in size about 54mm x 30mm. 

It also has  some types :

  1. DDR: -172 pins 
  2. DDR2 and DDR3:- 214 pins.

Memory Modules 




These are some difference in the memory module we can see the above photos.