Difference Between Desktop And Laptop

Difference Between The Computer & Laptop


Here are some difference you can find in this table go through carefully because it will help you if you are confused in buying a PC or Laptop

The first difference is size. The Desktop is larger than the laptop in size. It takes a big surface while working on it.
The laptop is smaller in size as compared to desktop. It is portable. We can place a laptop anywhere we want. It is small and a mobility device
The desktop has one good feature that it provides excellent powerful hardware with a low price
A laptop is very costly as compared to desktop. And also provide less specs as compared to desktop in the costly budget
Easy to Buy
A desktop is a little bit complicated while buying because while building desktop you have to go through various customization and also prices are different of all components. It becomes very confusing.
In a laptop, you don't have any option of customization. So while buying a laptop the pressure of customization is less. You have to just see the specs and as per your want, you can buy it.
The best benefit of the desktop is you can put additional peripherals or also you can swipe out peripherals as per your wants.
But in a laptop, you may not do so. Because the peripherals are fixed in the laptop you may not able to do any customization
Swap Peripherals
You can swipe your peripherals as per you wants in the Desktop
But in laptops, you may cant do it because all the peripherals are fixed.
Vendor Trust
While building desktop we have to go to several shops, malls to get a perfect build desktop
In laptop choosing the vendor is very easy because they are running there business for many years. And they have made huge Goodwill by that it is easy to choose. Eg. HP,Dell,Acer,Asus,etc.

The maintenance of the desktop is very less as compared to the laptop because the desktop is placed in the specific surface there is no chances of damage
But in laptop maintenance is high. You have to handle the laptop very carefully while travelling, mobility, etc. Because if in the laptop the minor problem happens you have to spend a huge amount on repair
Desktop consumes more power as compared to a laptop. Because all the input and output devices in the desktop are connected differently. Such as mouse, keyboard monitor, etc.
In laptop, the power usage is less. All the parts you get in one laptop only. So there is not external usage. That’s why it is less power consuming.