10 Mistake Avoid While Building Gaming PC


Building Gaming PC is difficult from building standard Pc's. Because in gaming Pc extra devices have to be installed such as Graphics card, External Port cards, Cooling fan and many more components. So you have to be very attentive while building a Gaming Pc. If you did a mistake you have to go through a huge fine. Because the components installed in the Gaming Pc are very costly and sensitive. 

So to avoid these mistakes I had bought some tips that will help you while building Gaming Pc's:-

1) Choose parts properly :


The first mistake you can do is the improper selection of Pc parts. But the most important aspect while building a gaming Pc is to choose the components properly. If you bought a motherboard so you find there are only 2 slots for RAM and you want to fit 4 Ram on the motherboard so now it can't be possible. And also the processor varies as per the generation so you have to be very careful while selecting the processor. So while buying any components take the support of seniors so they will help you to choose appropriate parts.

2) Place CPU Properly


The most important part while assembling the PC is to place the processor properly. Because it is the costliest components in the Pc and if you mess with it you have to go through a huge loss. So while installing the processor see the processor dimensions carefully then fix it. Otherwise, the best option is to go to the superior or experienced person so they can help you to install the processor perfectly.

3)Proper Connections : 


While building your Pc makes assure that all the cable connected to the motherboard and other components properly installed or not. Because if you not connected all the power cables properly then you have to again open the PC find out the fault and Uhhhh... to much time is going to waste. So my suggestion to you all be attentive while you connecting the cables because one mistake may spend your lot of time.

4.Air Flow 


Most of the Pc builder take high specs of components but the one important mistake they make is they don't bother about the ventilation of the PC. The components should become healthy and secure when there is an external fan in your Pc. While running any game or any software the temperature in the Pc is rising because the optimum use of Pc parts is going on to run the program. So to decrease this temperature you must always add "External Fans". These External fans maintain the temperature in the PC and also helps to increase the health of each component.

5. Thermal Paste


The Thermal paste helps to maintain the perfect position of the heat sink on the processor. This helps to proper inflow and outflow of air. But while pasting the thermal paste on the processor you must be careful. If you put the thermal paste in a large amount the processor may get damage because as you fit the heat sink on the processor pressure make the thermal paste to come outwards and that flows on the motherboard. By this, you may lose the processor and you have to suffer from the loss. So put the paste a little bit on the processor to have a proper attachment.

6. Select LED Carefully :


Nowadays LED has become the trend most of the customer wants LED feature in the CPU. So there is not an issue customer have the LED lights in the CPU. But the PC builder should be careful while installing  LED lights. Because LED lights also consume power so he needs to look at the SMPS power box. If the power is sufficient providing to all the components then you may install LED if not then you may have to increase the SMPS Power Volt to have  LED lights in the Pc. Then only the LED lights can able to run smoothly. If you can't do there might be a failure of components or the LED lights.

7. Don't Screw Motherboard Setup


The Motherboard setup is acting the main role in running all the components in the CPU. So PC builder needs to be careful because if there is any scratches happens in the motherboard it takes a lot of amount of st it up. So While installing components on the motherboard, you need to check first the motherboard on the cabinet properly fix or not. If not then fix it properly then only go to further process.

8. CPU Case


The cabinet it handles all the internal components of the PC. So you must select the perfect cabinet for you Pc building. First of all, go through the list the components you have taken, then as per the specs take the perfect size of the cabinet. It will help to make proper placement of specs. If you take a huge case and have few components you lose your money and you had taken the small case but your specs are high then also you lose your money because if ventilation is not proper the CPU can't run properly. So while building any PC give the same priority to the case.

9.Heat Sink


Heat sink acting the main role in cooling the processor. So if you are building Pc especially for gaming you must properly place the heat sink on the processor with the help of thermal paste. Because gaming Pc make optimum use of processor as the processor usage increases the heat of the processor simultaneously increases. To have the proper temperature Pc builder has to fix the heat sink properly.

10.Proper Cable Management :


So the last important step you need to do is keep the proper cable management. You also don't like if there is a tangle of wire in the cabinet. It is not just for aesthetic it is also for practical stuff. With the help of tubes, zip ties you can make a power management of cables if you don't manage there might be a short circuit in the CPU.

So these are some steps you need to follow while building your gaming Pc.