What is Motherboard | Uses Expansion Slots and Bus Speed

One of the important components of the computer is the motherboard. It is made of the thin sheet with the non-conductive material it's like a rigid plastic. The motherboard carries very sensitive and crucial components parts such as a processor, RAM and many more power input and output devices.

There are some expansion slots on the motherboard i.e. sockets on the motherboard that helps to add expansion cards, which helps to increase the performance of the PC such as Graphics card, Memory or may be Ethernet slot.

Bus Architecture 

Communication path:-

If we overview the motherboard it sees as a little city and we can see the many different devices are connected on the motherboard and all these components are communicate with the each other.

Internal PC Growth:-

In the motherboard that's why we called the busses as they are the path of internal communication.

System Expansion:-

In the motherboard we also find an expansion slot that helps to communicate with the CPU memory back and other devices on the motherboard.