What is Expansion Bus | Characteristics of Expansion Bus

The Expansion Bus is the PC bus which helps to make communication between internal components of the motherboard. It is the collection of protocols and wires that allows expansion of computer.

Width in bits:- 

Width in bits means how much push through a connection and nowadays we called width as a  bandwidth.

The clock speed of Bus:-

Another feature of the bus is the clock speed of the bus i.e. every bus has its own clock speed the send data at a certain amount of speed. we measure the speed the number of cycles performs in a single second. This cycle is called Hz (Hertz). If the clock speed is 1MHz that means 1 million cycles per second and 1GHZ is equal to 1000MHz. High the rate more the speed you get.

Clock speed does not necessarily equal transfer rate:-

So if we think one clock cycle transfer one particular information but there are some techniques we can use more the one piece of information on a clock cycle.

Eg:  DDR3 SDRAM can transfer 64 times the memory clock speed.