What is Conventional PCI ( Peripheral Component Interconnect) connection

PCI is the hardware bus it is mainly used for adding the internal components on the motherboard.

PCI ( Peripheral Component Interconnect) was first created in 1994.

It has 32 bit and 64-bit bus width depends on how much data we now transfer through expansion bus

PCI communication in a parallel way

32 Bit PCI parallel Bus:-

If we go through the 32 bit PCI parallel bus it transfers all the bits at a one time. 

There is 32 connection in the PCI 32 bit and with that, there are 32-bit PCI expansion slots.

64 Bit PCI parallel Bus:-

If we look at the  64 bit PCI parallel bus there are 64 pins between the south bridge and 64 bit PCI expansion slot.

From the above images, we can see here a little bit different in the 32-bit and 64-bit slots. It is designed in that manner so the card can fit in that slots.

In the slots, notches are designed as per requirement so that the cards will support power and fit into the slots

32 Bit PCI expansion card:-

In the 32 bit PCI card, you can see the notches that describes how much power this card use.

This is an adapter card for modem 

It supports 3.3 volt and 5V type connection 

So it depends upon the type of motherboard

64 Bit PCI expansion card:-

If we see 64 Bit PCI card we can see a similar structure but difference we can see in notches.

It has 3.3 V, 5 V, and 64 bitch notches 

PCI Extended

This PCI extended is specially made for server work and it is based on conventional PCI.

To send the data and information server needs a lot of thoughputs

It has higher bandwidth i.e. 4 times higher than clock speed

It is specially built for higher speed network and storage

It communication in a parallel way

This is not PCI express this is completely different standard i.e. PCI extended

PCI Express Card:-

If you are using today's motherboard you are using PCI express card

The abbreviation for PCI express is PCIe

It can be replaced PCI, PCI-X and AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)

But it communicates in a serial lane

There are different slots of PCI express 1,4,8,16 and 32 duplex lanes

PCI Express Serial Communication 


PCI express in very different from 32 & 64 PCI card 

In PCI Express there is only two-lane one for sending and second for receiving 

There are the various version on PCI such as follows:-

1. 133 MB/s (32 bit at 33 MHz)

2. 266 MB/s (32 bit at 66 MHz or 64 bit at 33 MHz)

3. 533 MB/s (64 bit at 66 MHz)