What is Computer & Its types ?

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates "Information" or "Data". It takes an input from the user and processes the data by using binary language(i.e. Computer language) and give a desired output to the user.

The history of the computer tells us that "Charles Babbage" is called as "Father of Computers".

The computer can be classified on size, Technology, and purpose.

On the basis of size, speed, and cost

1.PC ( Personal Computer)
2. Work Station
3. Mini Computer
4. Main Frame 
5. Super Computer

1. PC (Personal Computer)

Personal computers are small in size but have powerful in work. Now, this PCs are used in offices and homes. In 1980 the first computer was marketed at a low price rate. This computer consists of a monitor, mouse, keyboard, memory, storage device, a memory unit, and a modem. null as the year goes it decreases in the sizes and shape and started giving a good experience to the user.

2. Workstation

Workstation computer is specially made for especially who have technical work like video editing, gaming events and for specific software. This computer is only used by the single user at a time. And also they are connected to a local area network and run multiple operating systems as per requirement. This computer is same like PC but the only difference is a high specification in the workstation computer.

3.Mini Computer

A "mini" a name only suggest that small in size. A minicomputer is small in size but gives a performance like a large PCs. Some of the examples of minicomputer are tablet PCs, cell phone, notebook, etc. It lies between micro and mainframe computers. It supports a multi-user at a time and it's like a mobility device.
But at the same time, it also has some disadvantages like some time it does not have a USB port, CD/DVD drive, the keyboard is small it will make some time difference, not to much storage and also not capable for high projects.

4.Main Frame Computer

A mainframe computer is large and the high-performance computer is used by the large organization for using critical software, saving and processing bulk data and many more activities of the business. IBM builds mainframe computer. This computer is only seen in big firms, banks, telecom industries, etc but you cant see in household properties because it is very costly and consume huge space.

5. Super Computer

Supercomputer are the largest, fastest and most expensive computer are made currently. This computer gives a high-level performance as compared to other. The supercomputer performance is measured in floating point per second. this type of computer is mostly used in Scientific, engineering, Share market, Datacenter, etc.