What is function of BIOS | Configuration

To make the BIOS configuration you need to ON your Pc or laptop because to make setting first you need to run the system. To get BIOS configured you need to know actual keys on the motherboard. You will find there are many different companies different keys to start configuration:-

To get the BIOS configuration setup on your system you need to give the keys on the keyboard such as follows:-

1. F1
2. Ctrl + S
3. Ctrl+Alt+S
4. Delete

To get the BIOS configuration system setup in Hyper-V(Windows 8) or Virtual PC (Windows 7) :
1. https://support.microsoft.com/hyper-v
2. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/958559

To launch the BIOS configuration system setup in VMware Workstation Player
1. http://www.vmware.com/product/player/

After configuration, you can able to all the devices and that connected to PC and also the setting of PC such are as follows:-

1. You can  change boot setting which device boot first and the second
2.  You may give supervisor password so no one can change the setting 
    of BIOS except you.
3. There is a security setting if you want to give a password every time system 
    boots up.
4. You can Change Date & Time
5. CPU types
6. Optical Drive: (Enable/Disable)
7. Hard Drive/ SSD: (Drive settings)
8.  RAM: View and configure memory setting

You must be careful while changing the BIOS setting because it affects the OS (Operating system)

Built-in diagnostics

Many manufacturers are built diagnostics in the BIOS itself 

1. This is just a part of BIOS

2. You don't need to download any additional software to get the diagnostics.

3. To know the hardware health BIOS uses diagnostics 

Important tips

If you are making changes in the BIOS setting you must take some certain steps :

1. Have a backup of your BIOS configuration by clicking the photo or by making a note 

2. Don't make any changes if you don't have knowledge about the setting

3. If you stuck in difficulty while changing the configuration the backup helps to make the problem solve quickly.


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