10 essentials steps you must take after OS installation

There are some important steps you need to take after installing OS (Operating system i.e. Windows XP,7,8,10 ) and also to run the system securely and to get delighted performance. So you need to follow these 10 steps to run the system in an effective manner. Such as follows:

1. Change Screen Resolution

The first steps you need to take after OS installation is to change the screen resolution of the computer otherwise if you can't do that you may face problem while you work on the system.

Steps to change Screen Resolution:-

  1. Right click on the Desktop 
  2. Click on the screen resolution
  3. Then you will find the option of (Resolution) change it as the requirement

2.Driver update:-

A Driver is a group of a file that enables the hardware to communicate with the OS. To update the driver we have to follow some steps:-

  1. Click on the start button put "Device manager" on the search box
  2. As it shows click on it and expands the category to know the device update</li>
  3. Then right-click on the device which you want and select Update driver software
  4. So after that select search automatically for a driver update software
  5. Ather this activity your driver get updated
Important Note:- while update driver you net connection should be on otherwise driver can't able to update

If your driver is not updating when you have to use a third party software such as
Driver pack solution or Wan driver.

3. Change Drive Letters:-

After OS installation if you want to give a letter to a disk or if you have to change the letter name some steps need to follow:-
  1.  Click on start then in menu Right Click on Computer and then select Manage.
  2.  After entering computer management on the left side you will get the option of "Disk Management" click on it.
  3. Then you see the disk partition and the letter given to a disk, so to change drive letter select the click  right click on it and then after right click select the "change drive, letter and path" option
  4. To change drive letter select "Change" or to give letter select "Add"
  5. Select the new drive letter whichever you want the click on "OK".
This way you can change or give the letter to a disk drive easily.

4.Setup Account

So you also need to set up your account because a point of security it is very important to set up the account.

So to setup account steps are as follows :

  1. From the start menu open the control panel option then click on the user account.
  2. If your system is in the domain so you need to click on "Give other user access to the computer" or if you are using the system for the home network then click on "Manage another account"
  3. If the system is in the domain you will get the list of username select "Add" then it will ask for username and domain name. After that, it will ask whether to give a Standard Account or Administrator Account to the user select as per your requirement.
  4. If the system is in the home network then simply click on the "Manage another account" and then give the name for the user with that give standard or administrator account as per the requirement.
  5. Now you proper setup of the account had done.

5. Update Windows 

To have windows update in the system is always beneficial because you get an advanced feature or it may also help to update the system. 

To get the Windows Update you need to follow this steps:-

  1. First click on start select the control panel
  2. Then click on system and security
  3. Click Windows Update
  4. In the left sidebar menu click on "Check for updates"
  5. Then you will able to see "Install updates" option click on it as you can see in the image

6. Enable .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft has developed a programming infrastructure called as ".Net Framework". It helps in building and running software. .Net application such as web services and desktop application.

To enable these steps are followed:

  1. Click Start select Control panel
  2. Then open a window click on Programs
  3. Then "Turn windows feature on or off"
  4. Click on the checkbox next to Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5.1
  5. Then click OK
  6. After that, if it asks for window update click on yes
By this steps, you enable the .Net framework3.5

7. Personalise Setting

To make the desktop look better you need to do a personalized setting in the system. You can customize the desktop as per your requirement. Setting you can do at personalizing setting such as follows : -
  1. Change Desktop Background
  2. Window Colour
  3. Sounds 
  4. Screen Saver
  5. Change desktop icons
  6. Change mouse pointer
  7. Change your account picture
To make the desktop look better you need to take some steps.

8. Make file explorer shortcuts or pins on Desktop screen

To get an quick access to the "My computer" you need to keep shortcuts of file explorer or you may also have option to keep a shortcut of "Computer" on desktop home screen.

9. Install Anti-Virus

The main and important step you need to take after installation of the OS is to install the Antivirus in the system to run the system smoothly without any virus attack. In the market, you get various types to Antivirus but I recommend you to take a genuine paid  antivirus because it is worthful.

10. Install Software 

Install all the software that is needed to be installed in the system. By the software only most of the work are done such as :-

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Adobe PDF
  3. VLC player
  4. Image viewer
  5. Download Manager as so on.
To get the actal benefit of the system.

So guys this are the some important 10 steps you need to take after installing OS (Operating system) wether it can be a Windows 7,8 or 10.